Fuck Yeah Art Student Owl

Celebrate your paint and filth-caked existence. Thanks for college, mom and dad.

Share your life story by following the link on the submit page, then give it here, ya dig??

Winner of the 2012 Collegescholarships.org Blogging Scholarship. Thank you all for voting!!

The Great Tumblr Book Search entry: FYASO!


F*** Yeah Art Student Owl is a meme that was created by Kendra Wells in 2011. It has remained active over the past two years, recently winning the CollegeScholarships.org 2012 blogging scholarship. Today it has over 62,000 followers from across the globe!


Snarky, overworked artists and art students have come together to submit and commiserate over FYASO posts. There have been over 7,000 unique posts, almost all of which are user-submitted!


FYASO fans have also created original Owl-inspired works of art!


All this got me thinking…



The most popular posts could be paired with original art, photography, and design to create a unique book-readin’ experience that is itself a work of art.

By nature a book made for artists, by artists is going to be beautiful and painful(ly funny).

So consider FYASO, Chronicle! Art kids need more books.


We keep getting paint on ours.

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